An Exchanger Of Thoughts About Humanity
Seattle, Washington

Bio: I am a 63 year old woman with many hobbies including but not limited to music [play guitar], writing [a short story in the works], and sewing [quilting], I have graduated from the University of Maine at Augusta online with a BS in Library Science and I attended Drexel University online in hopes of receiving my MS in Library Science but was two courses short of my goal. I presently am in the works to start a novel on my 1934 Royal #10 KH Vintage Typewriter of which both Any Rand and Agatha Christie used while writing their works. Its a gem! When I have the chance I like to write lyrics to put together with my guitar playing. I am an amateur musician and have been involved with music since 1971. Poetry is another area I have dabbled in. I live in Seattle and have been here since 1991. I was born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa where the seasons are very extreme. I visited Seattle was impressed with the seasons being mild but distinct. That's me in a nutshell! Thanks!

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